iPadOS 15.5 (19F77) for iPad Mini 6 (WiFi)

iPad air 5 ipsw

Identifier: iPad14,1 Board 1 BoardConfig: J310AP Platform: BDID: 0x4 CPID: 0x8110 Board 2 BoardConfig: J310DEV Platform: BDID: 0x5 CPID: 0x8110

iPadOS 15.5 (19F77) for iPad Mini 6 (WiFi) ✓ This firmware is signed. This means that you can restore to it in iTunes. Release Date 16th May 2022
Upload Date 11th May 2022
Filename iPad_Fall_2021_15.5_19F77_Restore.ipsw
Filesize 5.84 GB
SHA256sum 55feda711e35529cc22cf11b65e84ae65fe212f9aaef47da2d0f5c05f9c233f7
MD5sum 403e020c9e8957c52ae745cb2e06946c
SHA1sum ec55e47fc3b8c7e8f957ddf2bfa599a56933436d
Identifier iPad14,1