IPSW for the iPhone 4[S]

IPSW for the iPhone SE (3rd generation)
IPSW for the iPhone SE (3rd generation)

Identifier: iPhone14,5 Board 1 BoardConfig: D17AP Platform: BDID: 0xA CPID: 0x8110 Board 2 BoardConfig: D17DEV Platform: BDID: 0xB CPID: 0x8110

Release Date 14th March 2022
Upload Date 1st March 2022
Filename iPhone14,5_15.4_19E241_Restore.ipsw
Filesize 6.48 GB
SHA256sum 218ab0b5eb18dc0326b6091f23f97335b750c6763b7be66ac369c8bd7128a03d
MD5sum 717ffaabfe8f33c1878325284041e233
SHA1sum 6ccddbfdf4a0d6747924252d379ad6d52f7d4ea8
Identifier iPhone4,1